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The genetic, evolutionary traits of high sensitivity and giftedness are profoundly important aspects of humanity. Making up roughly 30% of the population, there are as many as 100 million highly sensitive people in America alone. Meet them here.


There are approximately:

2.3 Billion

People with Highly Sensitive Physiology in the World

People with Highly Sensitive Physiology in the World

Did you know that high sensitivity is major evolutionary branch in nature, seen in multiple species in the animal kingdom? If you haven’t been tested yet, make sure to take the quiz before watching the video below.

The Highly Sensitive Person

Am I a highly sensitive person? What does that term really mean? This new course on high sensitivity and neurotransmitters provides an introduction to the topic of high sensitivity and explores questions such as: “What is high sensitivity really?” and “Do people with high sensitivity need more neurotransmitters due to increased processing in various of the brain?” Importantly, this series is relevant for everyone interested in learning about high sensitivity and improving physical, mental, and emotional health. Create a free account here or sign in to access the course and watch the uncut videos and additional learning materials.
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Being highly sensitive is something extraordinary. In fact, as you’re about to learn, high sensitivity is a genetic, evolutionary trait seen in over 100 species in the animal kingdom, including humans.

Until recently, high sensitivity was not well understood. That is changing now and we are beginning to understand what this genetic trait is, how valuable it is, and the unique challenges and gifts that come with being a highly sensitive person.

Highly sensitivity people are wired differently. We are wired to take notice and to process and experience life deeply. We notice subtle things that other people miss. We tend to have empathy for others and also react more strongly to life experiences. You may be asking yourself: “am I highly sensitive?” 

Making up roughly 30% of the population, with the middle 40% being moderately sensitive, there are as many as 2 billion highly sensitive people in the world.


Since the evolutionary trait of high sensitivity has only recently been identified and confirmed in multiple species in the animal kingdom – including humans, almost every person with highly sensitive physiology will have some wounding related to their high sensitivity.

The highly sensitive person has some needs that differ entirely from the rest of the general population. And since approximately 87% of gifted individuals also have the traits of high sensitivity, these needs are relevant for them as well.

After an initial learning phase about what high sensitivity really is and what it means to be a “highly sensitive person,” the work of healing old pain can begin from a place of truly understanding the role that highly sensitive physiology plays in one’s life.

A unique discovery is the role that neurotransmitters play in the physiology of the highly sensitive person and how a better understanding of neurotransmitters can play an important role in healing.


Whether you are highly sensitive, moderately sensitive, or gifted, you’ve found a place to form real world connections with others like you.

Friendship & Dating

Whether you are looking to make new friends or are looking for a potential highly sensitive or gifted partner, this website provides the means to meet other highly and moderately sensitive people as well as gifted individuals. If you want to meet other people that live in your area, go ahead and sign up, it’s free:

Meeting Other Parents

For parents of a highly sensitive child or a gifted child (or both), being able to meet other parents with the same circumstance can be an invaluable gift. The member directory here on the site allows you to search for other parents generally, and even within your geographic locations.

There are also specific resources created just for parents of highly sensitive and gifted children.

A Note About High Sensitivity & Technology

Dr. Elaine Aaron has identified some traits of people with highly sensitive physiology. One of those traits is the propensity to be overwhelmed by too much sensory input. There are very real reasons why a highly sensitive person can experiences this overwhelm at times, and you’ll learn more about this trait of a highly sensitive person and how to take care of it, here at GiftedConnect.

One quick tip: as a highly sensitive person, you may find that browsing the web is more pleasant using something called “dark mode.” This website is already designed in dark colors to reduce eye strain for the highly sensitive people that are here. For the rest of the internet, there is a great browser plugin called “Dark Reader” that is available for all major browsers. If you are on a phone, see if your web browser has a “dark mode” or “night mode” setting. Cutting out all that LED light coming from all our devices can take some strain off of the eyes and nervous system.

Featured Art

As a new addition to the community, we’re going to begin featuring artists and musicians. We’ll be exploring the relationships between high sensitivity and art and music. If you’re an artist and would like to have your work considered to be featured here, please contact us here. All art forms are welcome. Create a free account on the site if you’d like to receive the newsletter with featured artists and to be notified when new content about high sensitivity is released.

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