Am I Gifted?

Am I Gifted?

The term “Gifted”, also sometimes referred to as “Gifted & Talented” describes people who have tested with an IQ of 130 or above. There is a common misconception that gifted people “know they’re smart.” Other misconceptions include*:

  • Giftedness solves all its own problems
  • Giftedness has nothing to do with personality
  • Early underachievement is a sure sign that one is not gifted
  • The truly gifted never suffer from self-doubt or feel like imposters
  • A gifted person automatically grasps and aims for his or her best career direction
  • The gifted always do great things early in life

*Source: The Gifted Adult, pg. 32

What many people don’t understand is that having a hi IQ can be very disorienting. As human beings we often have the tendency to assume that the people around us are experiencing life basically in the same way we are. So, as a gifted person, we naturally assume that the deep insights and patterns we see are visible to everyone else. When this assumption is in place, the behavior and decisions of other people can be deeply frustrating and confusing.

Being gifted can also be disorienting because research has indicated that 87% of gifted individuals are also highly sensitive. So in most cases, everything about high sensitivity applies to hi IQ individuals with added processing speed and pattern recognition built in. Here’s a video that gets into some detail about what high sensitivity is:

Introduction to High Sensitivity & Neurotransmitters

If you’ve never had your IQ tested, here are some free online tests:

Don’t take those tests too seriously but they can put you in the ball park. Getting professionally tested is important to determine your actual IQ.

We are currently designing some curriculum for the gifted. In the meantime, if you are also highly sensitive, you may be interested to review the individuation roadmap for highly sensitive people.

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