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  • Emotional Reactivity

    Posted by John on 06/20/2022 at 8:55 pm

    As a highly sensitive person, do you experience emotional reactivity? What does that look like? Does it happen all the time or just sometimes?

    To clarify, Dr. Aaron has explained the following:

    Data from surveys and experiments had already found some evidence that HSPs react more to both positive and negative experiences, but a series of studies done by Jadzia Jagiellowicz found that HSPs particularly react more than non-HSPs to pictures with a “positive valence.” This was even more true if they had had a good childhood. In her studies of the brain, this reaction to positive pictures was not only in the areas associated with the initial experience of strong emotions, but also in “higher” areas of thinking and perceiving, in some of the same areas as those found in the depth-of-processing brain studies. This stronger reaction to positive pictures being even more enchanced by a good childhood fits with a new concept suggested by Michael Pluess and Jay Belsky, the idea of “vantage sensitivity,” which they created in order to highlight the specific potential for sensitive people to benefit from positive circumstances and interventions.

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