Highly Sensitive People

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  • Is “Highly Sensitive Person” the right name for people with high sensitivity?

    Posted by John on 10/13/2022 at 1:53 pm

    I’d like you to weigh in.

    A friend of mine recently sent me some information on the stages of understanding high sensitivity. They are:

    Disparage: To belittle, demean, ridicule, discredit

    Deny: To refuse to recognize or acknowledge

    Acknowledge: To admit to be real or true; to recognize the existence of

    Affirm: To state or assert positively

    Promote: To further, advance, or exalt; put in a higher position

    I’ve found this to hold true in my own life as years went by after hearing about high sensitivity for the first time. And I’ve seen it in friends that I’ve mentioned it to. There’s distinct, unconscious denial that comes up.

    ISPA: Increased Sensory Processing Ability

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