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  • Reducing Screen Glare & Eye Stress

    Posted by John on 07/08/2022 at 6:49 pm

    We tend to have a lot computer/tablet/phone screen usage these days. This may not be true for everyone but I’ve noticed that my eyes are irritated by the light coming out of these screens. I read somewhere that a person’s retinas become inflamed after something like 45 minutes of looking at a phone.

    Of course, being highly sensitive, I can actually feel the irritation in my eyes – and that irritation builds up over time and can add to the overall stress level of the body.

    So, I’ve implemented several screen-related solutions that I’ll share here. The first one is easy and really helpful:

    For Desktop/Laptop Internet Browsing

    Do a search for the free “Dark Reader” browser extension. It’s available for Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. For Safari, I think it’s 4.99 in the App Store. Well worth it. Install it for effortless conversion of website browsing to dark pages that are easy on the eyes. This can make a big difference.

    Also, many apps today have a dark mode. Turn them on.

    Nigh Shift

    All operating systems now have something called “night shift” that reduces the blue light coming out of screens. Under your device settings, do a search for “night shift” to find it. On my iPhone, I have the setting set to “Fully Warm.” On my Mac, I leave the slider in the middle. Use what works for you.

    For Phones

    I don’t know about Android devices, but iPhones have a dark mode option. Try turning it on and leaving it on.

    For internet browsing, the Firefox browser app offers a “night mode” that converts internet pages to a dark mode. There may be other options available.

    I even use a black background on my phone and created a custom set of icons that reduce the light coming out of the screen. The difference is noticeable.

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