Highly Sensitive People

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  • Debbie

    01/07/2023 at 8:35 pm

    Personally for myself the realisation of being HSP and an Empath was my beginning stage in my healing process after many years of feeling misunderstood. Not knowing these terms or the understanding behind it, you are offered support at the wrong resources and diagnosed with medical terms for example depression and prescribed medications to numb your feelings. Medical based treatments does not recognise to somatical association and words are empty on psychologists, psyciatrists and doctors. All they are interested in is what medical drug is available that causes further sensitivity.

    As for society, there is a stigma out there or judgement. No matter what term is used, there will be judgement on others. For far to long my kindness is viewed as a weakness. Told to grow tougher skin. If you speak your/the truth you become a villain.

    Personally I feel no matter what, fault will be found in labels and people wearing them.