Highly Sensitive People

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  • John

    01/08/2023 at 2:14 pm

    I’ve recently been using “people with highly sensitive physiology” as that seems to point to the bigger picture a little bit better. But I’m glad to see people participating in this thread because I think the label that Dr. Aaron coined is challenging. And maybe we will arrive at a better term at some point. High sensory person is interesting.

    To come at it from another angle: I feel like part of the work is understanding that high sensitivity is grounded in our genes and in evolution. I think it logically follows that high sensitivity has a role to play in our society and may need to find clarity, expression, and recognition at a broad level. Otherwise there’s this simmering intelligence and wisdom that is not finding the right outlet.

    Millions of years of evolution and the presence of the trait across the animal kingdom tells us that over vast amounts of time, nature has figured out that there is a benefit to looking before you leap and to taking in a lot of sensory input and considering it carefully before taking action. (Though at the personal level, it feels like a bit much 😂)

    Conversely, the other approach of let’s say, moving ahead without thinking too much has its value as well.

    There is power in high sensitivity, but there’s almost no education on the subject. Part of the work I want to do, and have already started doing a little bit, is to start making this information available to people at a young age and helping parents to understand it. Because there are so few people who really understand high sensitivity and yet the latest research indicates that as much as 1/3 of the population has it. It’s just so huge and we’re right at the beginning.