Highly Sensitive People

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  • John

    01/08/2023 at 2:29 pm

    One thing I can add to this discussion is the neurotransmitter piece:

    I notice that when my body is working well and I have a good supply of NTs, I’m far less reactive. And then, if I run out of NTs there can be like a crash and I instantly start getting irritated and reactive with people and situations. Because I was poisoned as a kid (story in my bio), and my body doesn’t work very well as a result, I’m hyper-aware of the role that neurotransmitters play in the nervous system. (I only figured this out about a year ago however.) And I’m working on that course here on the site because the information is so foundational to health and well being for HSPs and gifted individuals (who are almost all HSPs).

    The TLDR is that high sensitivity creates a vulnerability to neurotransmitter insufficiency because the physiological cost of increased processing in the brain is: burning through neurotransmitters more quickly. So then, on top of that, if there is any other situation that is causing an impairment of NT production, it begins to pile up and create increasingly intense levels of pain and suffering.

    To expand the subject out to the broad discussion around high sensitivity: we pay a physiological cost for an increased level of awareness. If the people around us, and society at large, aren’t benefitting from that awareness, then it’s a bad situation where something valuable and important is being wasted. That’s my take anyway.