Highly Sensitive People

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  • John

    01/23/2023 at 10:43 pm

    I think I saw that somewhere too though I’d have to double check it because I don’t actually know.

    What I haven’t seen is how many introverts are highly sensitive? 100%? Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if the number is high. In the work that I’m doing, I’m exploring the hypothesis that highly sensitive people need more neurotransmitters due to increased processing in their nervous systems. So, if as an HSP, anything I do has an “increased cost” in terms of neurotransmitters, then life is going feel very expensive (i.e, exhausting). I have no idea, but that seems to speak to a lot of the introvert memes I’ve seen.

    I’m really interested to gather more data on this from people who identify as introverts. When they take the HSP test, does it resonate for them? Do they score highly on that test?