Parenting A Gifted Child

A Guide to Parenting a Gifted Child

This is a topic very dear to my heart since I grew up as a gifted child, unsupported, and not understood or seen. This content may become a book, but I will start by publishing it here. I am currently working on the Introduction to High Sensitivity and Neurotransmitters course which provides a critical, physiological understanding for gifted individuals who also have the evolutionary trait of high sensitivity (roughly 90%).

If you are a parent of a gifted child, one important task is to begin understanding the subject of high sensitivity. The course linked above includes a great introduction to the topic and the library here on the site lists some useful books to get you going. Here are two quizzes that may be helpful:

Once the High Sensitivity & Neurotransmitters course is completed, I will have more time to begin this guide. If you’d like to support and help speed up the creation of this work, as well as support the mission of GiftedConnect, please consider becoming a supporting member if you aren’t already.

Thank you,

John Nicoll
Founder, GiftedConnect

Connecting with Other Parents of Gifted Children

As human beings, we often benefit from not doing things alone. This site has been designed to allow gifted individuals as well as parents of gifted individuals to meet each other and develop relationships. The member directory here on the site allows highly sensitive people and gifted individuals to find and connect with each other with a radius search. (i.e., Show me gifted individuals within 20 miles, or show me parents of gifted children within 25 miles). I hope you will find this resource useful and that it may serve in helping people to develop meaningful, real world relationships.