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Highly Sensitive Person Quiz

John 10/15/2022
the highly sensitive person test insular cortex
People with highly sensitive physiology have increased sensory processing in certain portions of the brain including the insular cortex (shown in white above).

The terms “high sensitivity”, “highly sensitive”, and “highly sensitive person” refer to a type of evolutionary physiology present in about 30% of the human population. If your body is put together this way, learning more about it can be quite helpful, and the beginning of a fascinating journey.

If you are highly sensitive, you may experience certain health issues which can be addressed through a deeper understanding of what high sensitivity is, what it’s for, and how it plays out in the body. This website has courses on those topics.

This 3-5 minute test created by Dr. Elaine Aaron will help you find out if you might have highly sensitive physiology. Watch the video at the end of the quiz for a general introduction and more information on high sensitivity.

Highly Sensitive Person Quiz