Self Actualization Road Map for Gifted & Talented and Highly Sensitive People™


Being a highly sensitive and/or gifted person can be very challenging. If you fall into either of these categories, or both, welcome. You’ll find a plethora of resources on this page designed to help you make deeper sense of your life and to help you realize your full potential if that’s something you desire.

If you’ve already watched the introductory video on high sensitivity, the first thing you might be asking yourself is: Am I a highly sensitive person?

The information below is designed to be a road map, starting with addressing any physical health issues that might be holding you back. A healthy body provides an important foundation for other types of growth and development. In addition to supporting the body, we’ll look at a variety of topics that may be of interest, including understanding what it means to be highly sensitive and/or gifted, how to take care of yourself as an HSP and/or gifted person, and how to realize your potential.

So let’s get started. You may want to bookmark this page to be able to return later. There is far too much information for one sitting.

I. Being Seen & Heard

“Feeling like an alien” is a common experience for highly sensitive people and gifted individuals. If you have not been seen, heard, acknowledged and affirmed at depth, you might feel invisible. Going through life without being truly seen can lead to a profound emotional deficit that needs attention and care.

All people have the experience of not being “gotten” by others in their lives. The difference for HSPs and GTIs (gifted and talented individuals) however, is that there are physiological differences which create a different kind of human experience. Since there is currently little clarity in our culture about those differences, this experience can be deeply disorienting and confusing.

For people having this type of experience, to have someone simply say, “I see you” or “I hear you” and be able to mean it, can be profoundly healing. And to finally know that you don’t have to try and be like people who are not highly sensitive and/or gifted is a major relief!

Perhaps counter-intuitively, the first step in being seen and heard is to get a better understanding of what you are as a highly sensitive and/or gifted individual. To be clear, being highly sensitive means having the physiological trait of high sensitivity. What it doesn’t mean is someone who “too sensitive” or emotionally reactive. These are cultural stigmas attached to the idea of sensitivity. High sensitivity as we are discussing it here is not an emotional state.

So again, welcome. If you’re ready to continue the journey, read on. Hopefully there are other highly sensitive and/or gifted people in your life who can see and hear you at depth. If not, and you need someone to listen, please click here.

II. Physical Strength & Wellness

Physical health is an important foundation for self-actualization. For various reasons, highly sensitive people can be prone to dealing with one or more significant health challenges. In this section we cover techniques for becoming your own health detective and address multiple areas of health related information.

III. Self Understanding

Once any outstanding physical health issues have begun to be addressed, we can begin to look at the qualities and characteristics of Gifted & Highly Sensitive people.

  • Introduction to the HSP
  • Introduction to being Gifted (Hi IQ)
    • The physical toll of intense concentration
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Addressing Addiction
  • Self Care & Protection
  • Learning to Value yourself
  • Poise
  • The Role of Creativity
  • Sexuality
  • Releasing Shame
  • Permission to be very smart and/or sensitive
  • Becoming aware of your energy field
  • Understanding how powerful you are
  • Seeing Your Own Excellence

IV. Building Support

Finding support as a gifted or highly sensitive individual can be very challenging. This website has been created, in part, to help address that difficulty. Support topics include:

  • Finding people who can listen effectively
  • Tools for understanding and dealing with painful or unhelpful relationships
    • Understanding narcissism
    • Understanding codependency
    • Working through family of origin issues
  • Spirituality
  • Bringing out your gifts
  • Learning to self validate
  • Identifying other highly sensitive people

V. Emotional Strength & Resilience

Addressing your physical health, understanding who you are as a gifted and/or sensitive person, and developing a health support system in your life. All these things together create emotional strength and resilience and prepare you to be of service. In this section we look at ways to be in the world.

  • Emotional Release
  • Resolving Trauma
  • The Scapegoat
  • Navigating Relationships (topic: relational anxiety)
  • Letting Go
  • Humour
  • Compassion
  • Boundaries
  • Discernment
  • Courage
  • Forgiveness
  • Kindness to ONE’S SELF and others
  • Understanding Linking & Ranking

VI. Learning Topics (Mental Strength)

Understanding the world can be extremely challenging, yet incredibly useful using information from credible, gifted teachers. In this section, we will introduce helpful teaching from various disciplines and teachers. Topics include:

  • Understanding the World
  • Understanding the structure of the Human Ego
  • Spiritual Paths
  • Areas of Human Endeavor
  • Being of Service to Others
  • Understanding Karma
  • Psychedelics

VII. Areas of Interest

  • Fields of Human Endeavor (note: possible create corresponding groups – which could then be hiring spaces)

VIII. Parenting

  • Highly Sensitive
  • Gifted